so glad you stopped by...

If you have found this page by some strange or good fortune, please feel free to peruse the stories. This is my personal warehouse of stories, many yet unfinished or polished. Jotted down quickly so as not to lose connection, over many years. It has been an uncommon life with a curious mix of experiences and influences. All the stories, as fantastic as they seem, are true with the exception of 'Whitsuntide'. I have often wanted to write and/or publish these stories, but I am glad that I was prevented along the way. They would have been 'new wine', subject to my small understanding and narrow beliefs back then.
In this seemingly crazy, mixed-up One Room Schoolhouse of Life, we are at different levels of experience, understanding and curriculum. So, pick what inspires and informs you and leave the rest. They are for other readers... Feel free to share the stories that will help others.
Bright blessings...