Thai Massage as Exorcism

As we were coming to the end of a Thai massage, the woman
I was working with, turned her head and said:
"This is kind of like exorcism, isn't it?!"
Point blank and direct...
I laughed in surprise and answered "Yes!" thinking 'She gets it.'

What I didn't expect was for that remark to come from a sweet-faced,
auburn-haired, middle-aged college professor in middle America.

"What's going on?" I asked.
"It's like I have been under a heavy, dark cloud for the last 3 weeks.
I have had night terrors, I've seen darting shadows during the days
and I have felt a kind of strange depression.
I've even had suicidal thoughts for the first time in my life!
I feel ill, but I can't describe it. It's not normal.
I woke up this morning and something said to come to you...NOW!"

It had been more than a year since I had last seen her.
In the handful of sessions we'd had over 3 years, she was cheerful,
bright and engaging.
She had lived in Japan during her post-grad days and we shared
an affinity for the Orient. I was always glad to see her.
This day she was dressed all in black, heavier than I remembered
and a bit subdued.
I had failed to really notice her heaviness of spirit, however...
I had struggled through the massage...something very unusual for me.
I felt dull, uninspired, fighting distraction.
One of the essential elements of this work is the complete focus
on our client...maintaining a sense of compassionate lovingkindness
and focusing on the work, moment by moment.
I had felt strangely hindered, but tried to persevere.
It was like moving through heavy waters.

I asked her what she had experienced. Why 'exorcism'?
She said she felt layers of dark heaviness lifting away, especially around
her head and shoulders. It was like storm clouds around her struggling
to engulf her and then being dispersed by strong winds.
Afterward, she felt a return to her self...calm, light and cheerful...
no longer buffeted.

I could see it in her face. She was relieved and smiling, like the person
I remembered.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I think it began about 3 weeks ago. My husband was corroborating
on a film project. It was kind of dark material...a gothic horror story.
A film crew flew in from Canada and stayed at our house.
At first, I thought it was just the pressure of hosting out-of-town guests,
but the longer I was around them, the worse I felt.
That's about the time I started having problems.
I felt physically ill, but it was more than that.
Do you you really think that it's possible that all that darkness
came with them?"
"Yes. Absolutely."
They had left a residue of energy that was quite heavy and dark.
They were active drug users, committed to a dark lifestyle and actively promoting it in the world. She described them as quite troubled themselves.
Her husband had also been similarly affected.

Many times Thai massage has been a powerful vehicle for clearing people's energies and uplifting them. To the untrained eye, Thai massage is a choreographed set of physical movements designed to help with flexibility.
But it is always so much more...

One time a man stopped me in the middle of a foot massage.
"Wait! Stop what you're doing! I have to tell you something!"
Normally a man of few words, he went on to tell me that as I was
working with the foot points, that all of his anger and rage
was draining from his body! Literally draining out of his feet.
"If you could do this to all the mass murderers, there would be
no more killing in this world!"

We say that Thai massage is 'heart-opening'.
We experience it often in our practice.
More often than not, much has to be dispelled before that heart opening
can occur.
There is such a rapid chasing of shadows in this work.
Transmuting of energies...
In the non-judgmental atmosphere of Thai, many things that are hidden
can come to light safely for resolution.

One time, as I was working with a woman, I seemed to be having trouble
with my eyes. I kept seeing furtive black shadows crisscrossing her body.
I blinked several times and then closed my eyes, but I still perceived them.
It felt dark, criminal, violating. Something stuck in her energy field.
Still reverberating...
Years earlier, she had been a successful woman with a vibrant personality.
On this day, I hardly recognized her. She was withdrawn, paranoid,
severely overweight, cloaked in black, unable to work, rarely leaving
her home.
What came to light was a gang rape that took place when she was drugged.
The perpetrators included her husband and members of the law community.
She had been black-mailed and threatened into silence.
Her energetic and mental suffering was immense.
A large block of energy cleared, she is no longer stuck and she has been making her way back to a full life.
Chasing shadows... Clearing the bodies... Helping people to the next level...

Thai is energetically and spiritually transformative work.
It is dynamic to an unexpected degree.
It clears history and trauma of every kind.
I will offer this observation, as well: to the extent that you allow deep healing into your own life, to that extent will you be used to help others.

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