Golden Aura...

My first forays into nudism yielded some startling experiences.
I could hardly have imagined the experiences that awaited me...
My first encounter was at a camp in north Georgia.
It was there that I met a man who was also trying nudism for the first time.
We were eager to compare notes on our experience.
What I didn't know was that he had planned to commit suicide later that day...
(see "When God knocks a leg out from under you...Karmic set-ups)

This story is about my second encounter a few months later in Florida.
I was the guest of a new friend, a retired teacher from Canada.
Margot and I had met at a Reiki seminar that summer and we had promised
to keep in touch. She invited me to spend a week at her winter retreat...
which was at a nudist resort in Florida.
My initial reaction was to shy away, but Margot was quick to assure me that
it was all quite benign. She and her husband had wintered there for many years.
I would be under her care. So I decided to give it a go.

On the morning of my arrival, the bright sun shone through the lush foliage.
Spanish moss dangled from trees overlooking the sparkling lagoon...a perfect day!
Margot gave me a bit of an orientation to the grounds and then headed off to run
some errands. I opted for the quiet end of the resort and soon found a lounge chair
by the swimming pool.
Being a timid type, I donned an oversize men's shirt and big sunglasses.
A huge towel and a stack of reading material completed my ensemble.
I took a deep breath and settled in, not sure what to expect.
As I glanced around through my dark glasses, I noted that there was just one
other person in the area...a solitary man. Whew!
I buried my face in a magazine pretending not to notice.
But I could tell that I had been noticed!
The man sat up in his chair and intently peered at me. He seemed a bit disconcerted.
Eventually he sat back and resumed his reading, but I literally felt his attention across the pool. I steadfastly maintained my incognito stance and tried to put him out of my mind. After what seemed like a small eternity, he got up, gathered his few things and strode off.
Later that afternoon, I rejoined Margo. She caught me by surprise when she announced "You made quite an impression out there today!"
"What do you mean? I was pretty unobtrusive...definitely not trying to stir up
any interest!"
"Well!" she went on excitedly. "An old friend of mine caught up with me today
and he was going on and on about a newcomer...this woman by the pool.
There was something different about her. He couldn't help but notice.
His eyes went wide when he saw that she was surrounded by a huge golden aura!"
Margot was excited...she was interested in seeing such a thing herself!
"Where was she? What did she look like?"
"He then went on to describe YOU! I told him that you were my guest!"

"Margot! You MUST introduce us! I am completely fascinated! Tell me everything!"
Margot went on to tell Alan that we had met at a Reiki conference and had done healing work together.
She had often offered to share Reiki with him, but he had shown little real interest over the years. Now suddenly he was eager to try it.
"Margo! Would you be so kind as to set a session up for me? I have to experience
this woman!"

"Margot...who IS this man?"
She went on to describe the tall man that I had seen by the pool that morning.
She said he was a Brit, a retired pilot who lived there year-round as a naturist.
He was keenly interested in metaphysics, among other things...hence his ability
to see auras. Margot and he had known each other for some years.
Would I be willing to do a Reiki session for him? she asked.

I gave it some thought.
"Why don't we meet first and see how it feels?"
Margot proposed the idea to Alan. We were promptly invited for dinner that evening.
Alan and his wife Anne (fictitious) led us into their spacious home where we had
a chance to get acquainted.
In the course of conversation, they said that they were excited to share something
with us. They had re-written their marriage contract after 20 years together
and they wanted to have our opinion of it.
After careful consideration, they had decided to try an 'open' marriage.
They explained that they felt the desire for an expanded circle of intimates.
They had set various stipulations for intimacy and living arrangements
with other potential 'mates'.
This was something beyond my inclination...another world really.
It would be interesting to see how it played out for them.
I sensed that there would be a great deal of sorrow and pain.
Time would tell...
On another level, however, I also sensed that they were reaching for something legitimate but perhaps less easily definable.

A little while later, Alan proposed the Reiki session.
I said I would do it if Margot was present and if they would be willing
to wear clothing during the session.
Eyebrows were raised, but that is what felt right.
Since Margot had so often offered Reiki to him, it felt appropriate for her
to be a part of this.
We set our session for the following afternoon.
Margot and I prepared ourselves.
Keeping in mind the issues that were uppermost in their lives, I prayed for
his deeper needs to be met...
"Give them what they need, not what they want."

I sat upright at one corner of a bed with a pillow in my lap for Alan's head.
He stretched out in front of me while Margo positioned herself at his feet.
I centered and prayed.
I placed my hands on his head for the first Reiki positions.
The energy could be felt early on.
It began as a subtle counterclockwise swirl deep inside me.
A calm feeling descended on the room as we each sank deeper into a relaxing state
not unlike hypnosis.
The energy grew stronger and more palpable, moving throughout my body.
He was a very good subject to work with, open to the energy without hindrance.
In just a few minutes time, the energy began to pulse more powerfully.
I watched Margot's eyes widen in surprise at the intensity.
I wondered what, if anything, Alan was feeling, but we remained silent
and let the energy flow unimpeded.
The swirling circle of energy inside me began to grow until it broke beyond
the boundaries of my body. I felt it grow until it became a round hoop
about 3 feet in diameter.
Then the energy hoop began to move slowly up my body.
When the powerful pulsations reached just above the top of my head,
the hoop began a slow downward movement that would soon encircle both our bodies.
Again I wondered what Alan was feeling, but in the powerful energy there was
no inclination to speak.
I felt held...nearly paralyzed by the energy.
At this point, Margot was unexpectedly overcome by the force of the energy.
She took a seat at the far corner of the room and fell into semi-consciousness.
The circle moved slowly and steadily down our bodies, increasing in force.
It was immense...quite unlike anything I had ever experienced.
The pulsating loop of energy continued its slow and steady descent...
Finally it hovered near Alan's feet.

In a moment too thrilling to adequately describe, a spark-a stream of energy
sprang from his foot like lightning! I saw its quick flash!
This energy quickly formed an equally huge loop that spun in the opposite direction!
My energy moved in a counter-clockwise direction, while Alan's moved in a
clockwise circle.
We were now engulfed in a vortex of energies, held motionless inside a tunnel
of incredible force.
The looping energies were out of sync initially, but soon they began to fall
closer and closer into synchronization.
The moment they fell into sync, an explosive burst of energy followed.
The two circles were literally booming around us with thunderous force!
We were in a tunnel... a forcefield of energy surrounding us.
These were the energies of male and female...
Both the power and beauty were indescribable...
We were encased in the energies as they coursed around us.
We were immobilised in an ecstatic state by the convergence of male and female energies. It was completely breathtaking...

Nearly an hour passed before the energies gradually slowed and stopped.

We could not move until some time passed...
We had no words.
Margot finally came to, wondering what had happened.
We finally stumbled out of the room and went our separate ways
without a word...awestruck.

There was so much to wonder about..
It was a few days before we all got together and spoke about the event.
Alan carefully articulated his experience.
He described it as a complete interpenetration of spirit, soul, body and mind.

His personal quest was for a deeper experience of love and sexuality.
This experience catapulted him to a level he had not known existed.

Afterward, Alan hoped that this experience would lead us to a physical consummation.
I felt strongly otherwise.
It struck me as regressive to step down from that height...
I knew nothing more was necessary.
I knew as well, that despite their open marriage, his wife would have suffered.
And so I did the most merciful thing and disappeared from their lives.

Skydancers are devoted to a higher purpose...
Dharma Dakinis are not afraid to use their powers to arouse us out of our sleep
and seduce us onto a path of truth. Messengers between our earthly realm and the higher realms of the teachers, they help to bring the powerful teachings to earth,
protect the truth from destructive forces, and bring blessings to sincere seekers.
The natural result is to fall in love with a Dakini or Angel. How can you avoid falling in love with someone who inspires wild love and higher meaning suffused with delight?
Fixate on that pleasure and the Dakini does the most compassionate thing possible. They fly away.
Dakinis do not manifest simply for our pleasure. (There are people who will do that but it usually requires negotiation and some form of hard currency). Dakinis manifest the beauty of the Truth which is then an invitation to follow the path of Truth...