Hands of Light... a Reiki story

Near the end of another reiki intensive, several of us noticed that our dear friend, cook and conference organizer had been on her feet all week with hardly a moment’s rest.
She had worked long days and evenings to take care of us all.
She had not had the benefit of a single Reiki session all week long.
We found her behind a mountain of dishes.
Time for a rescue.
A couple of the women pried her from her task and led her into the sitting room while the others jumped in and finished washing and putting away
the dishes.
Soon she was getting a well-deserved foot massage.
When we offered her a Reiki session she protested, knowing that we had all been through the wringer all week.
We could see that she really wanted and needed some energy, despite her protests.
We commandeered a room and started moving furniture around.
We pushed an oversized sofa to the center of the room and then we arranged heavy chairs near the head and foot of the sofa.
I sat at one end of the sofa with one leg on the floor and the other tucked into the back cushions.
I motioned for Linda to stretch out in front of me with her head on the pillow in my lap.
I placed my hands at her temples and gently cradled the back of her head.
Another woman held her feet, while a third woman touched my foot with hers.
We closed our eyes, relaxed and began to drift down into the energy.
I had worked with Linda several times before.
It was easy for us to go very deeply into the reiki energy.
As we relaxed, I began to feel the pulsating energy take over.
It started as a small swirling inside me that gradually grew stronger.
I could feel the energy move down my arms and through my hands
to Linda’s head.
We made a comfortable deep connection.
Her breathing slowed and deepened and we all got quiet.
We felt the energy intensify.
Soon there was no more thinking, only feeling and a deepening awareness.
It was like drifting through space and falling slowly into a cloud.
Some time passed like this.
After awhile I realized I couldn’t feel my hands anymore.
I thought perhaps they had gone numb with the passage of time.
Then I realized that I couldn’t feel Linda’s head either.
I tried to shift my hands slightly, but they felt boneless and detached.
I tried again, but it was useless.
Then I realized that I could not feel my wrists.
The feeling or lack thereof was spreading slowly and steadily up my forearms.
There was a sparkling sensation of intense electricity..a sizzling feeling.
I thought I should open my eyes and orient myself in time and space again, though part of me wanted to enjoy the depth and see where it would take us.
The sensation continued to creep up my arms toward my elbows.
Finally I forced my eyes to open.
What a shock!
Where Linda’s head should have been, I saw only blinding white light…
of a brilliance I had never seen before.
Linda’s head and shoulders had disappeared.
I watched as the Light moved very slowly down her arms,
dissolving them into Light.
I was electrified and unable to move a muscle.
It seemed that only my eyes would function.
I looked to my hands, but my hands were gone, too.
I watched the Light as it moved up my arms slowly.
I was dissolving into the brilliant Light...inch by inch.
This was beyond anything I had ever heard of… unbelievable!
Yet it was happening before my eyes!
I felt myself encased in the powerful energy, unable to move
or affect what was happening.
There was nothing else to do but close my eyes and let it happen.
I was past understanding…in another realm.
I sank even deeper into the energy and lost all track of time and space.
We were enveloped in the most beautiful light imaginable…
There was nothing to fear.

While all this was happening, something else began to take place.
Barbara, who had placed her foot near mine, watched in alarm as my foot began to rise high in the air-with the rest of my body starting to rise, as well.
Up I went, to the startled gaze of the two women.
Barb clambered out of her chair and reached up to grab my foot.
She lowered my foot to its original place on the floor.
She held it there for a moment, uncertain of what was happening.
She and the other woman glanced at each other as if to ask if what they saw was real.
It was...
She sat down again, composed herself and closed her eyes once more.
Not many moments passed before it happened again.
My leg floating up again...a little higher this time.
The rest of my body began to levitate.
Both women jumped up in alarm and pulled me back down to the couch, holding on tightly as though I might float away.
A couple of minutes later, when it seemed safe to let go, they released
their grip.
I immediately drifted upward once more.
They dragged me back down and held my foot to the floor until the energy subsided and we drifted up again to regular awareness.
Neither Linda nor I were conscious of rising up from the sofa
or of the antics that followed.
We only felt blissful peace and healing.

The effect this had on me was enormous.
There was an indescribable comfort in dissolving into the Light.
It was like going Home.
Like returning to our place of Origin...
I felt certain that everything and everyone would eventually
dissolve blessedly back into God Light...