Welsh Graveyard Experience..

"Oh my goodness! YOU have been going to graveyards!!
Don't you know you must NEVER do that?!!"

And so began the tongue lashing from a complete stranger...

I had just returned from a trip to Wales...one of my favorite places.
A friend had offered to pick me up from the airport and bring me home.
When I got into her car, she asked if I'd like to take a little detour on the way home. She knew an old woman who was psychically gifted and thought I might like to meet her. She lived well off the beaten path in a log cabin in the woods
of north Georgia.
"Sure! Let's go!"

We made our way to the cabin on rutted, overgrown tracks that had not seen many other vehicles. My friend had brought along some food and supplies
for the woman.
We carried them in and the two friends had barely exchanged a quick greeting,
when suddenly, the old woman took one look at me and was visibly alarmed!
Arm outstretched, fingers pointed at me, she cried, "Oh my goodness!
You have been going to graveyards!!! Don't you KNOW?! YOU must NEVER do that!!"

I felt nailed to the spot! Rightly accused!
But I failed to understand what all the upset was about!
In fact, I HAD been treading in cemeteries...lots of them!

It's not something that I typically do. Left to my own devices, I tend to avoid cemeteries. Touring around Wales, however, I couldn't help but be enchanted by the quaint villages with their charming stone churches and ancient graveyards. Little groups of tourists were snapping photos, poring over the gravestones, listening to parish histories and making grave rubbings
of the more ornate monuments.
I was fascinated by the pretty, well-tended churchyards and the family histories that could be gleaned. While I didn't go so far as to do grave rubbing,
I relaxed and gave myself to the experience.
'Safety in numbers', I'd probably thought.

How did the old woman know this? And why was she so alarmed?
I'd thought it harmless entertainment.

"Goodness girl! What were you thinking?! There are earthbound spirits there. Sad, lonely, needy. They see you all open and sympathetic. You are like candy
to them. They want nothing more than to attach themselves and hold onto you.
In fact, you just brought a whole passel of them across the water with you!
This is not good!!"

I asked her what she saw when I walked through her door.
"I see them clinging to your shoulders in a long train!
There are about a dozen of them all trailing behind you...clinging to your legs, your neck and back!"
She repeated, "You, of ALL people, must never, ever go to those places!"

Then it hit me...
I really had spent a lot of time in those graveyards!
I had unwittingly let my guard down and had opened myself to what was there.
On the flight home to the states, I had been feeling strange...not myself.
Normally I would be happy and grateful for the opportunity to travel.
A trip like that was never taken for granted!
I had embarked on the trip in high spirits, but the flight home was a different story... I found myself feeling sad, weepy and heavy-hearted..not my usual self.
I felt dismal and cheerless. Down in the dumps, withdrawn and sullen.
I had chided myself for being so ungrateful and blase'.
I tried to lift my mood, but I couldn't somehow.
I just didn't feel like myself...

There it was...I wasn't myself!
It had started near the end of the trip when I spent all that time
in the cemeteries!
In fact, I'd felt exactly like the spirits one might find in a setting like that...heavy, drained of energy, old, dismal and sad.

It was necessary to understand how these things work.
I was able to dislodge the energies and regain my right sense of self.
I learned to exercise more awareness and not to be so careless.
More often than not, we blame ourselves for these difficulties,
but it is useful to question the origin of an unusual state of mind
or tendency. There may be interference...

I had another experience of a few years later that taught me further.
A friend and I had finished work late one evening.
We were hungry but the restaurants had all closed.
That left us with fast food or a tavern. We opted for the bar.
We walked in and surveyed the room. There were 2 or 3 diners along
with a handful of regulars at the bar. A quiet night.
As we approached the bar to look at the menu and give our order,
my eyes went a little blurry.
I began to see shapes...strangely colored shapes.
I saw hideous slug-like entities draped around the men at the bar.
Some were clinging to their legs while others hung from their shoulders
and arms...3-5 of them on each man. One particularly horrible one was lying
heavily on top of a man who was slumped down with his head on the bar.
I froze in my tracks.
Finally, I managed to turn my head slightly toward my friend, asking her
with my eyes "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!"
She gave a frightened nod. She was seeing the same awful entities, too.
Our eyes had been opened to the unseen realities that surround us on a daily basis.
We took a couple of steps backwards and fairly ran out of the bar.
We learned a valuable lesson that night!
Since then, I continue to learn to be aware of the energy and to slow down
and take in a situation before assuming I know all there is to know.

We are more porous perhaps than we realize...
Walking in contaminated environments leads to contamination.
Being exposed to unseen influences is as easy and natural as coming into contact
with a virus or other pathogen.
You defend yourself in a similar manner...
Stay healthy, get your rest, avoid exposure and cleanse on a regular basis.
These things exist. These things happen. We learn as we're ready.
Awareness will keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

All rights reserved
Debra Robinson / skydancer@ij.net